Devin Jordan

Devin Jordan started painting abstract pieces in his early childhood. In 2009 a friend asked if he could help photograph her. Devin put down the paintbrush to try a new form of art, photography. Like all beginners, he first started in Automatic mode with no real knowledge of the camera. To perfect his craft, Devin took to the internet to learn from online forums and any other resource he could. He then stumbled upon infrared photography. 
Fast forward to 2013 Devin enrolled into art school. His Color Theory Class required painting and  that’s when he remembered how much he loved painting.  Through his education he was learning editing software and how to paint digitally. He’s then applied these skills to combine the art of photography and digital painting.
"My goal is bringing realism and surrealism together. Bringing whats in the world and showing my take - or what I see in the world together."